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Wixel - CC2511F32 Development Module

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I was surprised to see there wasn't a thread about this on here- Pololu recently came out with a new module called the Wixel.

It's a CC2511F32 with a bunch of support components and a USB bootloader for programming over USB, all at a decent price.


Roughly comparable to the EZ430-RF2500T at a similar price point.


I might grab a couple just to play around with. :D




Wixel Pinout and Peripherals




Full-speed USB

2.4 GHz Radio with 256 available channels that can be configured dynamically

Programmable through USB bootloader (no external programmer required)

Pre-compiled, open-source apps available

Wixel SDK for developing your own applications in C using open source tools and libraries

0.1" pin spacing (compatible with standard breadboards and 0.1" perfboards)

3 indicator LEDs

15 user I/O lines, featuring 6 analog inputs, 2 USARTs (for serial or SPI), and 7 timer channels (capable of PWM)

4 KB of RAM and 29 KB of application program memory (flash)




Operating voltage: 2.7

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