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Powering CC3200 LAUNCHXL

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short: on what pin do I insert 5V on the CC3200 launchXL, Can i do this on any pin that says 5V  or can I only insert 5V through the USB?



I would like to power my CC3200 launchpad from a 5V power supply on a "booster pack" (BP).

Currently I've been powering the device either through USB laptop, or through a 5V adapter to USB (cellphone charger)

Now I want to use a 12 V power supply to power a "booster pack". The BP would contain a DC-DC converter (http://www.icstation.com/mini-step-down-module-buck-converter-fixed-output-buck-power-supply-module-voltage-regulator-p-10632.html )


I need the 12V for various thing driven from the BP.

So the BP receives 12V from power supply, delivers 5V to the launchpad, lauchpad gives logic input to BP (-> transistor ->  relay... )


Where do I supply the 5V? any 5V port? Or only USB

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From the schematic, it seems you can power it up from 5V, but it does not mention it anywhere. The Vcc_MCU_5V runs all the way to the BoosterPack 5V pin.



According to the the hardware manual, it recommends powering the board via the 3.3V Header pin. This also connects to the VCC_BRD pin. Remove J13 jumper for this, so everything upstream can be disconnected.





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