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CC1310 Micros problem on TI LaunchPad

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Hi All,

I am trying to measure some timing properties of a protocol I have written that uses the EasyLink library.

I was using micros() before and after I perform a send, which also waits for an acknowledgement. In addition to capturing micros() I am toggling a pin so I can see how long the event takes on the scope, and when the corresponding events happen on the other CC1310.

micros tells me the event took ~1400uS, however I measured about 33ms on the scope, I then replaced micros with millis() in my code and I am getting 33ms from that as well.

I would really like to be able to measure with sub ms accuracy, but micros just seem to report the incorrect value. Can anyone offer any assistance with how I can get micros working properly with the CC1310 LaunchPad?



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