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[help] setup pwm frequency for Tiva C in Energia

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Hello everyone,

I'm trying setup pwm frequency for tiva C in Energia but failed at this line: analogFrequency(PWM_FREQ)

// define PWM pins
#define PWM_1 PD_6

// define PWM frequency
#define PWM_FREQ 20000

void setup()
  pinMode(PWM_1, OUTPUT);

void loop()
   analogWrite(PWM_1, 50);


Can help me with the problem, thank! 

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I recognized some problems:

1. How to use Tivaware for Energia to configure frequency PWM

2. How to fix pin_map.h problem


Problem 1: After install Energia  1.6.10E18 version, run Energia and select: board --> boards manager --> install Energia Tivac board

                  After installed Energia Tivac, Tivaware library is taken your system following link:


Where bonho is my PC name, this link is hidden, to see this link in your PC, select view ---> show hidden file on the taskbar

                  Create new file in Enrgia, include Energia file as file is included below

                  I has one example to you compare between CCS programing and Energia programing included below 

Problem 2: preference this topic: I fixed the problem success






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