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MSP432P4111: What do we know about it so far?

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I am hopeful there will be USB connectivity. This is all I have been able to uncover:

Core ARM Cortex-M4, FPU MPU 48 MHz


Processor:Cortex-M4, FPU MPU 48 MHz

Cryptographic Engine:128.256 -bit HW accelerated AES Encryption Engine


Memory 512 kB RAM, 2 MB ROM



ROM:32 kB

RAM:256 kB

RAM:256 kB


Clock & Power 1.62 V .. 3.7 V, 48 MHz

Supply Voltage:1.62 V .. 3.7 V Operating Voltage

Maximum Clock Frequency:48 MHz,


Communication Other

Other:4 x UART or SPI

Other:4 x I2C or SPI


Timer/Counter/PWM 4 x 16-bit Timer, 2 x 32-bit Timer


Timer/Counter:4 x 16-bit Up to 4 timers/PWM/CCP

Timer/Counter:2 x 32-bit GP Timers


Analog 24-channel 14 bit ADC, 2 x Analog Comparator

Temperature Sensor:1 x

2 x Analog Comparator



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I noted this device in july when I updated CCS and do some search in the "Research explorer". Very interesting. There is some examples in the "SimpleLink MSP432 SDK" and one image of the probable launchpad (very interesting).


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Something is out:




They don't have exactly the expected part numbers, though. Both have 1024 kB Flash and 256 kB RAM and 120 MHz clock.




Strangely the 432P4111 launchpad http://www.ti.com/tool/MSP-EXP432P4111 seems tp be active now, too but the MCU is not available?

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MSP432P401/4111 is without USB, with 1.6 - 3.7V VCC range, similar to MSP430. MSP432E is with USB, but VCC is 3 - 3.6V, nothing for me here.

EDIT: Also noticed that 432P401/4111 still have ports (some with mapping option) similar to MSP430, 432E don't.

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