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[HELP] CC4000 GPS + MSP43x launchpad kit

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Hello everyone,

I have a project which requires GPS + Wi-fi capability and fastest clock speed mcu possible. For GPS capability I came across CC4000 which seems alright, but I'm confused on which launchpad board to select that has Wifi capability also. I have worked on Arduino but new to TI's Launchpad. Please suggest me for what should I buy.

link for the CC4000 gps module kit : http://www.ti.com/tool/cc4000gpsem?keyMatch=gps&tisearch=Search-EN-Everything#descriptionArea

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I can't help with the Wifi portion of your question, but last year I was able to plug-in the TinyGPS++ library to work with an Adafruit Ultimate GPS unit (currently out of stock) and an MSP430F5529. I was only interested in capturing current location on an hourly basis for a backpacking trip, but the Tiny GPS library was pretty easy to work with.


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