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I2C Between 2 MSP430s

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Hello again,

I am trying to connect up 2 MSP430FR4133 using the slave_sender and Master_reader examples in the energia given examples. There is no information about which pins to use but RXD and TXD are the only pins outputting on the scope so i have tried these pins. I have also tried connecting up the pins that say they are for SPI on the pin layout to no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


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Thanks for the reply Rei Vilo,

For the MPS430FR4133 the Energia pin layout example lists the A4 and A5 pins as P1.4 and P1. I have attached the pins from the 2 boards together and complied the slave_sender code on 1 device and master_reader on the other. I have also tried attaching a 3.2k resistor to each of the pins to VCC as it said to do this on another forum post regarding I2c.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

I did read some of the I2C forum posts in this area and have not found a solution. I don't think i posted the same question twice?


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