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Rei Vilo

J-Link EDU Mini at USD18

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Although all the LaunchPads feature a programmer-debugger, sometimes an external one might be useful.

Segger has just launched the J-Link EDU Mini, with all the software and expertise of Segger, priced at just USD18!


  • Supports all Cortex-M based microcontrollers via SWD
  • Tiny form factor (18mm by 50mm) like a USB stick
  • Licensing: J-Link EDU Mini may only be used for non-commercial educational purposes
  • Full J-Link functionality
  • J-Link EDU Mini support is handled in the SEGGER Forum

I'm very happy with the larger Segger J-Link Edu priced at USD60.

I've ordered one J-Link EDU Mini and plan to review it.


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It is a clone-killer, obviously. However, in this type of PCB / USB connection I prefer on board integrated type, and not this one that is easily breakable.















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