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Increasing ADC accuracy using TLV registers

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These after read this thread about how to use temperature calibration data, I tried to use TLV register to obtain the "real" voltage reference value and increase the ADC conversion by compensating the gain and offset.

The test was performed in a Launchpad EXP430FR6989, but can be applied to other launchpads compatible with MSP430Ware driverlib.

The increase in the accuracy is very interesting.

in the table (sorry by the comma instead of point, brazilian notation).

  • HP 3478A - value measured with DMM
  • ADC_correct1 - value measured with MSP430 without any correction
  • ADC_correct4 - with all corrections using float variables
  • ADC_correct5 - using mainly integer


Here there is an article about this test and the Github with the example.



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