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I came across these promotional items the other day:   http://components.arrow.com/part/detail ... 91464N1044   Try not to be to greedy, and shipping isnt so cheap!   they are difficult to work

Hello Kenemon, I'm willing to sponsor a batch of 10PCBs from Seeed, otherwise what good are the adverts. Currently Hyland Savior is also trying to make one here which will also be getting sponsored.

I took a closer look at the antenna and I think it should be pretty easy to use the built-in one. It appears that the only part missing is a little piece of shorting chip (judging by the picture of th

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In regards to your MyArrow order. It cannot be processed. There was a pricing issue on our website for this part. We will be unable to honor this pricing for you. These parts are currently available at $70.50/pc and are stock. Please let me know if you would like to proceed with this order. Thanks
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good to see someone else get their hands on one. Do you have any pans for it? I have had a major headache trying to get simpliciTI working, having some debugger issues. Which stack are you going to use. I have been looking for examples for a web interface of some kind.

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I'm in the middle of a lot of stuff right now, but I'm totally jumping headfirst into this thing when I get a chance. That may end up being a month or two. I actually managed to purchase the last 2 they had in stock, one for me and oPossum is getting the other in trade for some loose proflex's. So out of the group of us, there should be something to show for it all :D :!!!: :angel:

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