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I came across these promotional items the other day:   http://components.arrow.com/part/detail ... 91464N1044   Try not to be to greedy, and shipping isnt so cheap!   they are difficult to work

Hello Kenemon, I'm willing to sponsor a batch of 10PCBs from Seeed, otherwise what good are the adverts. Currently Hyland Savior is also trying to make one here which will also be getting sponsored.

I took a closer look at the antenna and I think it should be pretty easy to use the built-in one. It appears that the only part missing is a little piece of shorting chip (judging by the picture of th

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Anyone from the UK ordered one? When I went to place an order it didn't mention a price for shipping and stated I would be contacted by an international sales rep.

So I am curious as to what sort of stuff the sales rep asks and what they end up charging for shipping.


I'm from DK, and got the same message. So I'm curious how it went: Did they get back to you?




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very well done production. he was using python and arduino and he mentioned a web socket and telnet connection. Very smooth operation but i couldnt find his code :cry:


I saw a couple dudes at Cornell that used the msp and ezrf2500.




it looks like TI has some good software which works. They programmed their GUI in "Processing", http://processing.org/ and are sharing all of it. I am still pondering schematics here.....

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Arrow website shows part # 450-0012

I posted the datasheet for that specific part in the second post of this thread so it would be clear exactly what it was.

The dev kit is part # 450-0023

The web page clearly states "Development Kit", and the datasheet linked on that page shows both the module and the dev kit.


I've got a call in to them. We'll see where it goes. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


To be honest, this is all up-side except for the shipping I paid, which wasn't much. ;)

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I've got a call in to them. We'll see where it goes. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


They may decide to charge the correct price for those that where undercharged.


The part # on the website is correct. They are not going to give you dev kits because you didn't know what you where ordering and totally failed to put any effort in to researching it.

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I just looked up the dev kit and it's $400 in Canada. :crazy: :!!!:



I still ordered 10 more modules!



But I'll have to spin a pcb to make these work. The module is 42mm by 23mm so it's possible to make a batch at seeedstudios for cheap. :think:

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