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What is the process of porting library from arduino to Energia?

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Please guide me how to port a library for energia or create one myself. I want to create library for SD card and Adafruit GFX. I will share it  on Github and in this forum afterwards.

Thank you.

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Normally, a library working on Arduino should work on Energia, as both are based on the Wiring framework.

This requires the library uses high-level libraries for the peripherals, like Wire for I²C, SPI for SPI, Serial for UART. Those high-level libraries act as hardware abstraction layers.

The only exception comes from MCU-specific code, like dealing with registers or features specific to a MCU. For example, the Arduino Uno uses n AVR MCU while LaunchPads run on MSP430 and ARM Cortex-M MCUs.

In such a case, developing the library from scratch is often the fastest and most secure option.

For SD card and displays, there are many libraries already available for Energia. Just perform a search on this forum.

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