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Problem reading data from the MMA7455 accelerometer

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Hello everyone.

I'm a beginner and doing some project with the MSP430 2553. I connected the MMA7455 and used different libraries to get some data, but I'm doing something wrong. Perhaps I use the wrong ports, or the wrong configuration, or I don't know what I'm missing. With the libraries I get to show text in the terminal, but the values are always 0. I would be grateful if someone could help me out, I'm for days on this problem.

SCL -> 1.6
SDA -> 1.7

Libraries I used:



Attached is the doc.


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Try Wire.setModule(0) before calling Wire.begin().

Reason is that the standard changed for the wire pins from ping 14/15 to pin 9/10 a while back. You are better off using pins 14/15 on the G2553 though since Wire on pins 9/10 is a software implementation. So use Wire.setModule() before Wire.begin() to allocate Wire to the hardware supported I2C pins.

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