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MSP432P401 LaunchPad - Connection Problem

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I am just getting started with Energia and I have just obtained a Red MSP432P401R LaunchPad.  My problem is that I cannot connect and download a simple blink program. First a couple facts:

1. I could not find the MSP432P401R in the board manager so I am using Red LaunchPad w/ MSP432.

2. I download the driver successfully and the COM port seems to recognize the LaunchPad.  Actually it takes two COM ports on my computer COM10 and COM11. 

3. I successfully compiled the program but the connection failed. I am attaching a file with the error message. 

Any help would be appreciated. 

Energia Download Error.docx

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One thing you should try is opening the device manager and clicking on the Ports (COM&LPT) tab, then seeing which says XDS110 Class Application/User UART. Whatever COM number it is, make sure you select it as the Port in Energia.

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Thanks benwr,   after some time away, I re-downloaded the drivers and started again.  Everything seems to be working now.  I can't explain my previous troubles.  Maybe I didn't select the UART COM port .... not sure. 


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