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MSP430 to Arduino SPI Communication

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Dear Engineers,

Please help me send data to Arduino from my MSP430F5529 using SPI interface. I want to use SPI iterface because in future I want to use the modified code for Attiny13A instead of the Arduino Leonardo. Details are given below. Thank you for  your support.

Information to Provide When Asking for Help:

  • Model of LaunchPad used and revision number : MSP430F5529 Launchpad Rev 1.6 & Arduino Leonardo
  • Model of the MCU used : MSP430F5529 & ATMEGA32U4~AU at  15Mhz
  • Name and version of the IDE used  : Energia 1.6.10E18 & Ardduino IDE 1.8.2
  • OS the IDE is running on : Linux Mint 18
  • Whenever possible, minimal code to replicate the issue : Required from good developer
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