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Power Arduino from L298N. Connect to 5v or Vin?

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I'm pretty new to Arduino and I'm making my first robot. I'm having a ball. The kit in the URL below came with most of what I need. I'd like to power the Arduino from the L298N, as I've read that its 5v connection is capable of this. My question is, do I connect that to the Vin or the 5v pin on the Arduino? My gut was to use the Vin, but I've seen some pictures that seem to show people connecting it straight to the 5v pin. That's OK to do?

By the way, in case anyone's considering this kit - the main parts are great but the instructions suck and you will need much more hardware (screws, standoff, etc.) than it comes with.

Thanks for any help you guys can give me.

TL/DR: Connect the L298N to the 5v or Vin pin of the Arduino?

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