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Well, I just meant to lurk a bit, but since I had to sign up to read anything I might as well say hi and introduce myself.

Unlike, probably most of you, I am mainly a software guy, at least in this stage of life. In several recent job searches, I found several MSP430 tags, so I thought I would look into it. I played with Arduino a little bit, which got me interested in electronics, but found it too simple, and unchallenging, not to mention not being able to just drop the chip in a project and go on to the next one. That is another thing that has my interest with the LP. I still have a lot of reading to do, to see if this is a direction I want to follow, so for now I will leave it there.


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Thanks bluehash.

cubeberg, not real surprised, this seems more like a real platform than Arduino. Web development is what I am trying to avoid, even though that is where most of the work is in my area. It is hard to get interested in developing web apps, when I dislike using them, for the most part.

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I like cloud based apps even less. :tongue:  Maybe if I lived someplace where internet was more reliable I would feel different? Although old, I have a desktop machine with four HDDs, so space is not an issue, except for MS apps that insist on being installed to the C drive. For that matter, I do not care that much for apps that come with installers either.

All that said, I do realize that there are some advantages to web/cloud based apps. The main project I am currently working on is a good example. It is similar to https://partsbox.io/ , but is meant to be used on a thumb drive, if desired. I simply cannot offer the easy insertion of parts from a main database.

The GUI Composer there looks interesting, but that is also something I would prefer to do myself, and once I get started, something I already planned to do. Eventually I hope to figure out how to add WIFi, or Bluetooth, so it would not need to be tethered to a computer to work. 

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