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MacBook P7450 test machine?

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I've been developing a  'F5529 USB device and have a Java-based USB UI to control operating parameters.  The intent with the java app is to allow "easy" access on both PCs and Macs (and of course, Linux too...).  However, while I've got Windows and Linux machines here, I don't have any Mac devices.  I'm seeing these older Mac notebooks for around $150.00, which doesn't break the bank.  For those of you who are Mac literate, would one of these be a reasonable machine to test installation of both the HID aspects of the 'F5529 and functionality of the Java app? TIA! :)


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6 hours ago, Rei Vilo said:

Apple modifies the USB quite often, resulting with bugs coming and going. 



Thank you for the information.

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