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web site / blog like 43oh for STM32?

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I like ARMCentral, because it shows that it shares a pedigree with c2kcentral.


It might be best to stick to the M series ARMs. Rs are somewhat exotic and the As are either inaccessible to hobbyists or there is most likely already a forum / mailinglist for the specific board. A single forum for either of them might be a good idea, like the "Other Microcontrollers" forum here. Maybe ARM7 + R and ARM9/11 + A?




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I would be very interested in a ARM forum like this MSP430 forum. Maybe include other popular brands like NXP and TI, and unique products like Energy Micro. I have 3 STM boards and a Energy Micro EFM3

I never really found one for STM32 up to the level 43oh is for the 430.   The best I found is here http://www.emcu.it/STM32.html Its in Italy but the page is in english. Lots of good info there.  

Alright, forums are up now. I'l make changes to sub sections and main sections as the days go by, also the logo and text. Go forth and populate. Make sure you tell others about the forum. This will h

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