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web site / blog like 43oh for STM32?

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I'd definitely be keen on a ARM forum like this one too. I started out on microcontrollers with the Netduino/Microframework before the MSP430. The latest Netduino Go is based on the STM32F3 (Cortex M3) and peripheral boards are going STM32F0 (Cortex M0) or STM8. I know there are quite a few people over in the Netduino world that are just making the jump to coding for the STM32 and would also find a decent ARM forum invaluable. Whilst the Netduino forum is good, it's still very .NET Microframework focused as that's the core product.

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I would be very interested in a ARM forum like this MSP430 forum. Maybe include other popular brands like NXP and TI, and unique products like Energy Micro. I have 3 STM boards and a Energy Micro EFM3

I never really found one for STM32 up to the level 43oh is for the 430.   The best I found is here http://www.emcu.it/STM32.html Its in Italy but the page is in english. Lots of good info there.  

Alright, forums are up now. I'l make changes to sub sections and main sections as the days go by, also the logo and text. Go forth and populate. Make sure you tell others about the forum. This will h



good one

didnt KISS do that? :lol:


I think if you set up a forum like 43oh for the arm cortex you would get a huge response.

Just browsing the st forum is proof that people are looking for it,

as far as a place to go and get some advice on where to start.

There are some really experienced people on the st forum if they sighed up too it would be great.

43oh is awesome and we know what makes it that way, if the community was behind it like it is here then its on!


What does moderator entail?

I have to agree with oPossum on the like feature, even if no one replies to your post

at least you know it was useful to someone.

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What does moderator entail?

Moving around posts to appropriate categories, deleting spam, keep topics on subject, also god knowledge on the subject.


I feel CortexARMy is a bit of a harsh word. ArmCentral feels too generic. I like something on the lines of ARMFreaks... something fun and gives a feeling of community... ARMExchange

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Octopussy! ;)









ARMin Van Buurin



Under no circumstances should you use ARMFreaks! It will be too close to AVRFreaks and I bet those guys are unpleasant in a dark alley, if you know what I mean. They gave the Arduino Noobs such a hard time.

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I really like the idea of having a cross-vendor ARM forum. However, there is quite a big difference between the low-tier M and R series and the more powerful A series (and a lot of chips before the A, R, M naming convention). Covering the entire range of A, R, and M series from multiple vendors might potentially make it very confusing.

For many of the powerful ARMs, I think people are generally more concerned about the actual board they are working with (Beaglebone, Raspberry PI, BeagleBoard, etc.) and the Operating System they are using (most likely Linux).


That being said, I don't think that this might be a problem at all. Afterall, a good forum comes from a good community :-).




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Ok time for me to throw out 4 names cause I am bored.



Armed and prototyped

It came from Planet Arm

Armagetdone (pronounced lt like Armageddon)



Hope someone does a site, I would drop by a lot. The Maple forums are constantly fighting spam, they clean it every day and its not really a problem for a user like me but you can tell it takes a lot of work. I never see much spam posts about cleaning it here so a big thumbs up for whatever your doing.

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