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web site / blog like 43oh for STM32?

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I have an STM32 Discovery and a couple STM8S Discovery boards, so I went through all my bookmarks. Not surprisingly, there is no forum to compare with 43oh.com ;) . Indeed, I could not find a single active forum.


Let us know if you find anything. I may yet do something with those boards. :D

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I was just wondering the same thing myself as I was thinking of getting a STM32F4 discovery board to play with. It like a nice board and I hear they were given away in the US for a while but there seems to be surprisingly little beginners info about. The forum that bluehash posted above looks reasonably active though.

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I never really found one for STM32 up to the level 43oh is for the 430.


The best I found is here http://www.emcu.it/STM32.html Its in Italy but the page is in english. Lots of good info there.


There is a $7.99 STM32F0 Discovery out now, but I am sticking with the F4 version.


The big problem is free development tools. A must for me.


Apple/Mac you can build your own GCC using info here



PC you can use prebuilt ones available from the ARM people here https://launchpad.net/gcc-arm-embedded


The mac scripts build from the source files there.


The STM32 forum I like the most (well its really for the Arduino stm32 leaf labs maple, but covers most STM32 topics) is herehttp://forums.leaflabs.com/


Lastly what I am going to try next is http://www.coocox.org/ full free IDE and RTOS for arm including STM32 F1 F2 F4

I will have to run that in bootcamp, PC only

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Ive been playing with my f4 too. I really like this chip and board.

I wish TI had a similar arm core development tool in this price range.


here is some more info but its for windows.


Im running: windows 7 64 bit on my main box and an xp setup on an old laptop I have this seems to work on both of them.

You have to down load the appropriate version of eclipse.

eclipse for editing

codesourcery G++ lite toolchain

atollic gdb server for debug.


I used these links for info on the toolchain setup:



https://sites.google.com/site/stm32disc ... evelopment


this guy and his site are awesome! I had some questions for him about his c++ toolchain and he was

super cool, responded to a PM and gave some great tips, also I think he has some great code!



Ive read on some of the forums and random places that the hardware fpu on the stm32f4 discovery board has to be enabled

in the linker and in some of the startup code for the chip Here is a link to the eevblog where they are talking about it:

http://www.eevblog.com/forum/microcontr ... bi-gcc/15/

and this says fpu can be enabled with c or c++;

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1058 ... -arguments


and then this toolchain is sounding pretty good too I havent tried it and I think it supports the fpu


I havent tried this yet but am working on it now.


hope this helps


I just got this going today

I have a better lcd on order

just for fun

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Thanks blue

I had checked out the LMF4. A little pricier than the stm32 board.

I like the oled on there and its got alot of cool features.

I just cant do the 150. for an eval board , would rather buy a logic analyzer

or other tool for my bench.

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I would be very interested in a ARM forum like this MSP430 forum. Maybe include other popular brands like NXP and TI, and unique products like Energy Micro. I have 3 STM boards and a Energy Micro EFM32 board, but haven't done anything with them mostly due to lack of a good forum.


I find the 'thumbs up' feature here to be very valuable and it is the reason I post here more then any PIC forum or mailing list. Knowing what people find interesting helps me decide what to share. Most of what I do never makes it on to the Internet, some due to contracts, but most due to lack of time. It is quite common for a post here to get no immediate replies but several likes - that is good to know and motivates me to share more.

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Well, that was very forthcoming, oPossum. I never have had any feedback on the "like" system before. Thank you.


I'm still thinking of a way to go about it. Having all the ARM controllers on one forum gets confusing. But that would be epic.

So far the big players are





If each of the above had their own technical forums( like the MSP430 - Compiler, Dev Kits, Code Vault, General), I feel we can develop a great community under one roof. Also have a section for CMSIS.


Wonder if I can get a good domain name.

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I think trying to keep the various brands and cores (ARM7, ARM11, Cortex M0, M1, M3, ect...) separate would just result in a bunch of forums with few posts.


Having forums focused on tasks and needs may be better.


- Projects

- Software development

- Libraries (CMSIS, StellarisWare and such)

- Software tools (Compiler, IDE)

- Hardware (Chips, Dev boards)

- Buy/Sell/Deals

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