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As a part of my university project I was trying to use Texas Instrument's TLV320AIC34 for sending a 8 channel Time Division Multiplexed ( TDM ) signal from another CODEC and trying to capture it from 4 different TLV320AIC34s with different offset. However, before doing 8 channel directly I was trying out the same with 2 channel data using a single TLV320AIC34. I have made these configurations :

Master Clock, MCLK = 9.6 MHz

Bit Select Clock, BCLK = 12.288 MHz

Word Clock, WCLK = 48 kHz

Data Offset = 0

Clock Configuration  from AIC34 GUI:

PLL Enbaled

Clock Source : MCLK

P = 1

K = 10.24

R = 1

CODEC Clock Output : PLL Output

Audio Interface Configurations from AIC34 GUI:

16 bits data

DSP Mode

256-clock bit mode

Using CRO, I am able to track that Data Input, D1 is getting the valid signal however I cannot get the audio at Head Phones.


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