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Interrupt Tail Chaining -Setting Interrupt Priorities (cc3200)

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I am using launchpad cc3200 and i saw the attachInterrupt function. Is there a function to set the priorities of multiple interrupts ?

I wish to declare the interrupt priorities of two or more tasks 


Thanking you 

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The attachInterrupt is a standard function of the Arduino / Wiring framework.

There are two frameworks for the LaunchPad CC3200:

  • Energia based on the Arduino / Wiring, and
  • Energia MT or Energia Multi-Tasking based on TI-RTOS.

For more information on the latter, please refer to Introducing Energia MTLaunchPad MSP432: RTOS for Everyone and Exploring RTOS with Galaxia on Energia MT.

For more advanced RTOS applications where priority is critical, please consider Code Composer Studio, the official IDE from Texas Instruments.

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