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Anyone here have hands on with this board ? https://store.ti.com/CC1350STKUS-Simplelink-CC1350-SensorTag-Bluetooth-and-Sub-1GHz-Long-Range-Wireless-Development-Kit-P50807.aspx?HQS=ecm-tistore-promo-diyweek17-null-lp-null-wwe

So what has me intrigued is that there is bluetooth, and sub ghz radios on this both. So I'm kind of thinking "remote control" of some object on our property here from a cell phone with bluetooth of course. One thing I'm not sure of is, I can not just use two of these connected together thru subGhz, or can I ? If so, what would be the better way to do so, assuming two of these connected together would not be the ideal situation ?


The reason why I ask is that I have zero hands on with these boards, and I would like to set myself up to be able to "play" at some point when I have nothing else going on in my life. The idea is as mentioned above. Having *something* remote on our property, e.g. a receiver that performs some task, or several small tasks. Then of course this, the transmitter.

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23 minutes ago, zeke said:

I have heard of this but I haven't had a chance to play with it yet.

What do you think your desired range, data rate, and power consumption numbers ought to be?

Not so worried about all that. For now, let's just assume, I have an 1-wire temp / humidity sensor in our greenhouse, and I just want a way to connect a cell  phone to *something*, that can give me that data easily. The product says that the sub Ghz radio range is 2km, so I'm not worried about that so much.

Actual distance from our main building to  the greenhouse, line of sight is not much further than 300 feet. There are trees between here, and there, but not so many that it would be an issue, I think.

Mainly what I'm trying to figure out is if I can use two of these to achieve something of the above mentioned nature Or if I would be better off getting a different device for the remote end that will not need bluetooth.

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The typical use-case for the CC1350 (as opposed to the CC1310, or CC2640/2650) is as a local Sub-GHz to BLE gateway (helping to get sub-GHz information to a nearby cellphone).  So the idea here would be to have a CC1350 radio gateway in the vicinity of your cellphone, and a CC1310 (or 1350, but the 2.4GHz path wouldn't be used) inside the greenhouse transmitting the information long-haul over sub-GHz.

Alternately, if antennas permit, you could scrap the whole thing and use the CC2650STK with an external antenna or something and hope your cellphone can receive BLE at that distance.  The one thing I'm leery of is the CC1350's support for two frequency bands, because they appear to share the same radio pins and so the radio hardware inside the chip is probably optimized for one frequency band but not the other (or it's a compromise for both).

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