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I just spent the last two hours trying to figure out why all of the UART-related register code was failing on my 5529LP. After hooking up to a different 5529, where code performed as expected, I finally remembered that several months ago I'd found that one of my LP boards had a "broken" UART/I2C - Of course, I'd not marked the board when I set it aside.  Dumb.  Board is marked now. It's still useful for other experiments, so I'll keep it on hand; I just won't use it for any comms protocols.

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A while back I damaged two pins on this board and dutifully marked it on the back.  Unfortunately it was only visible from the back.  Some time later I picked it up and was trying to use it unsuccessfully. After tearing my hair out for a while I eventually turned it over and noticed the markings.  Now it is marked front and back.

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7 hours ago, veryalive said:

would those have been rev 1.4   -or-   rev 1.5 ?

just curious as I have both.


That's not a G2 value line board, sounds liek NBob was using a 5529LP as well.

So hey guys, this is off topic to the post, but not to the hardware. I'm curious, I've only really used the G2 valueline LP's why would I want to use one of these ? Honest question, not a trick, just curious.

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Mine is Rev 1.6 but I should point out that RX,TX only ceased working when I accidently applied 5 volts to a pin - it worked fine before that.  I have several F5529 LaunchPads and all were working on receipt  

Why use a F5529?   The LaunchPad itself Costs $3 more but it is faster, has more memory, more and better peripherals (eg faster UART and higher resolution ADC), has USB, etc.   It is easy to use if you are familiar with the G2553 and need the features.


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