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Info on CC3200 module

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Dear All,

I am interested in purchasing the following Wifi module based on CC3200 ... http://www.exp-tech.de/en/redbearlab-wi-fi-micro

I have noticed that it can be programmed with Arduino like syntax using Energia. I have three questions please:

1) Is there any API to lower power consumption (hibernated mode) since I would like to send data every 2-3 hours?

2) I would like to send data over SSL and I noticed that it has a crypto engine. Could you please let me know if there is any API to upload certificates?

If positive are there any examples in Energia?

3) I looked also at the Wifi examples of Energia 1.6.10 but I did not find any example with SSL. Could you please let me know if there is a library for SSL?

Thank you in advance.



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  1. Low power for the CC3200 is not that straight forward unfortunately. I have attached 2 Sketches for the CC3200 LaunchPad. One is low power always connected and the other one is low power with intermitted connect. Note that when the CC3200 goes into low power, pin configurations are not maintained and we need to be reconfigured. There is a function in the Sketch called setupPeripherals() in which you can do so.
  2. There is no API to upload certificates. You will need to upload them with Uniflash. Right now certificates are not validated on the connection.
  3. Currently there is only one API called sslConnect.


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Hello again,

I have connected the RedbearLab WifiMicro (http://discuss.redbear.cc/t/cc3200-wifi-micro/897/3) with a Real-Time Clock using I2C communication (SDA, SCL) and a sensor board using UART communication (Rx, Tx).

When initiating the low power mode by using the api "goto_sleep(seconds)" should I also call the function "setupPeripherals()" and redefine the SDA, SCL, RX, Tx pins or this is just needed for the Digital In/Out pins?

Thanks in advance.

Best George


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