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Hello all ! 

Im going to cut straight to the matter.

I was trying to follow this tutorial/project : http://jithinkrishnabs.blogspot.no/2015/05/cc3200-wifi-camera-webserver-attractive_13.html

Essentially i am using the CC3200 to take a picture and upload it. However the problem im already running into is the following :

When i include the adafruit serial camera library i get prompted for <SoftwareSerial.h>. The Adafruit library in question ofcourse uses and needs the SoftwareSerial library. I cannot find any SoftwareSerial library for the CC3200 even though i have sufficient google skills. Using the SoftwareSerial library from the MSP430 obviously doesnt work because its not compatible.

I also want to note that im using V17 Energia. This is because when i used the new board management feature in V18 it didnt create a cc3200 folder under "energia\hardware" and as such i had no libraries availible at all. HOWEVER using v17 of energia i now correctly have a cc3200 folder with its coherrent library folder. 

tldr; Cannot find any usable SoftwareSerial library for cc3200, pls help.

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Currently there is no software serial library for the CC3200. You can use Serial1.xyz which is on pins 3 (RX) and 4 (TX).

In Energia 18 packages are not installed in the IDE's directory. Instead they are installed in the following directories depending on the OS.

  • On GNU/Linuxes: ~/.energia15/packages/energia/hardware/
  • On Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Energia15\packages\hardware\
  • On MacOSXes: ~/Library/Energia15/packages/hardware/
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