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>I sense that you are managing a lot more data that I can imagine.

With video and photos, not all that hard to imagine.  I have 48TB of local storage, and am in the process of copying all the original digital images to S3.  The part that I find overwhelming is scanning/copying some 20,000-30,000 negs and slides from a 50-year passion for capturing all the stuff I found visually interesting...

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In the 37 years I've been writing code, I've only asked an admin to recover a file for me once.  Turns out that file was on a disk that was being backed up by a SCSI tape drive that had been having pr

Which platform ? Windows ? Linux ? OSX ?   But rsync is a pretty good way if you use the correct strategy. This can be done on Windows too using the rsync application Deltacopy. Which runs s

Bummer is certainly an understatement. As to my local backups I run Macrium reflect pro (now V7 home edition). I have all of my code and eagle files on a 1TB 10k  rpm hard drive. Macrium does a f

> I hope you are successful at it!

So far, so good. I've found some easy-to-use tools for managing S3 file transfers, both S3 Browser Pro and Filezilla Pro are inexpensive and work well.  S3 Browser Pro make it easy to upload entire folders (hundreds of multi-meg files) of raw images as quickly as possible; on my machine it opens 8 channels/ports to the server, chops the files into bite-size chunks, and transmits data in parallel.  It still can take a couple hours, but it's faster than one filie at a time. So offlne storage is both simple and cheap, far less than buying an ever-increasing number of drives.

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I think some of these online storage companies offer a service where they send you a hard disk, you fill it, send it back to them, then they put it online for you.

Does that ring a bell?

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Well, I spent $10 tonight.

I purchased a perpetual license for BitBucket.

I was fearful that I might lose my source code.

I chose to host it on my own hardware. That's why it was only $10.

I have barely had a chance to use it but I am pleased with the user interface so far.

In addition, I installed the nemo-rabbitvcs plugins to my linux mint installation. That way I can integrate git functionality into my file browser (nemo). I used that to do the initial setup of the local git repo.



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