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What MSP430 are you using?  SPI or I2C (just saw you tagged it I2C)?

If you look in Adafrauit's Adafruit_BME280.cpp file under lines 374, 403, and 437 - there is the following 'if' statement,

int32_t adc_T = read24(BME280_REGISTER_TEMPDATA);
  if (adc_T == 0x800000) // value in case temp measurement was disabled

return NAN;

NAN simply refers to 'not a number', and indicates typically something went wrong when reading the sensor. Adafruit's example was originally written for Arduino, so you'll have to use something similar for NAN in Energia I assume.

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Hello all,

I am working to CC3200 launchpad and i want to interface bme680 sensor with CC3200 using Energia IDE. I am searching for library of this sensor but couldn't fine one. Can anyone help me regarding this? I tested this sensor with arduino uno and esp32  and adafruit_bm680 library works fine. but i tried to run it on energia and it didn't worked. Please guide me regarding this thanks.

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