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First time designing a board with bluetooth, please help

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I am making a board featuring an MSP430 microcontroller, and a couple of sensors that are read with the ADC of the MSP430. This data should be sent over bluetooth (BLE) connection to another device. How do I do it? Is there any specific chip which would include bluetooth communications already while being a microcontroller? Or what chip is the easiest to interface with the MSP430? Board space is very limited so compact size is a plus. 

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You might start here for a little background. And as always, Google is a good place to start. FWIW, just entering "bluetooth" in the forum search returns some 20 pages of references.

I can't advise you on which '430 to use, but any with a UART and an ADC that meets your needs (again, you don't specify the precision). You may want to do a parametric search on the TI site for '430 mcus that meed your needs.

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