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Electronics Tip: Antistatic Mat

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Winter is coming so the air will be dryer. At least it will where I live.


You can generate a couple 1000 Volts of static electricity just by getting up off of your chair. So save yourself some circuit troubleshooting grief get an anti-static mat.


I have both a Desco and a 3M anti-static mat.


The 3M one is cheaper for some reason.

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Thanks for the tip. I have been postponing to buy an antistatic mat forever. I fear that I have to wreck several expensive ICs before I can get my act together :oops:


Is there anything in particular to look out for when buying antistatic mats? Quality differences, etc.?



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To me, if it's a reputable company name on the mat then the only things to worry about are the wrist strap and connecting the mat to electrical ground.


I despise wrist straps. They feel like handcuffs to me. So I have a pair of anti-static shoes. Yes. Shoes.


The other thing that I've developed is the habit of touching a work surface (if my hands are full) with my pinky or empty free hand when moving around the lab. I call it spidering around the lab. If touching a anti-static mat or metal table leg then you should be able to quickly dissipate the static.


Static becomes a real problem when the relative humidity of a room drops below 35%.


Say! There's an application for one of those humidity sensors and RobG's displays! :thumbup:

Any takers?

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