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I have a G2553 set up on a breadboard, and am using a USB-to-UART adapter for BSL flashing.  TI provides BSLDEMO2.exe on the Windows side to do the flashing, but I've been unable to get it to work.  If I use the special signalling pattern on /RST and Test, I get a "synchromization failed" error, and if I boot directly into the cold start vector of BSL, I get a "communications error".  So I just wondered if anyone here has actually done this successfully?  The two ends talk to each other, but it always errors out.

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I finally figured it out.  The special signalling pattern didn't work because DTR is inverted coming out of BSLDEMO2.  So that was never going to work.  But entering BSL cold start from an application gave errors because I used the +u switch in the command line.  It looked like that was the correct thing to do since I was indeed bypassing the signalling pattern, but for reasons I don't understand, when you use that switch the program doesn't send the password on all commands, in particular the ones I was trying to test with (read and verify).  But of course the G2553 was expecting a password for these commands, so I got an error.

I've recompiled BSLDEMO2.exe from the source code provided by TI, but with the polarity of DTR reversed.  So it should all work now.  I've asked TI to publish a new version of BSLDEMO2 with DTR polarity the right way for use with the USB-to-serial adapters, but I doubt they will do that.  This is all "deprecated", so I doubt they will be willing to spend any effort or money fixing it.




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Yes! I can see use cases for this information being extremely useful to Design Engineers. 

Just think, if someone embedded an MSP430 into one of their projects and wanted to do in-circuit programming then they would know the trick to getting it working!

Good job @Peabody!

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