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TIVA C, PWM mode

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Hello all !!

I have a question about my TIVA board:

What is the range of frequencies that we can get for the PWM, taking into account the possibilities of "clock division" and the "number of bits"? I ask you if in case we had to measure a resonator with the PWM as a generator (at 50% duty cycle).


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Quick calculation:

Max system clock TivaC-1294: 120Mhz
PWM divisors: /2,/4,/8,/16,/32,/64

PWM bits: 16

Min PWM frequency @120Mhz: 
Slowest PWM clock : 120/64 = 1.875Mhz

Max PWM load value = 65535(16-bit)
Minimum PWM frequency = 65536/1875000 = 0.02495 seconds
Inverse : 1/0.023495 = 28.6Hz.

Max PWM frequency @120Mhz: 

Fastest PWM clock : 120Mhz
Min PWM load value = 2 - so that you can add 1 to the load value to get 50% duty.
Maximum PWM frequency = 2/120000000 = 1.67e-8 seconds
Inverse : 1/1.67e-8 = 60MHz.

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This means that depending on the divider used, the frequency varies, 
has used 16 bits and the variation has gone from 28.6 hz, up to 60Mhz ...

but the 120 Mhz of the maximum and the minimum of the PWM does not change ?


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