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A new MSP430F6736A project

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This new project uses the MSP430F6736A microcontroller.It is a small data acquisition device.

Key features are:
- MSP430F6736A 128K Flash, SRAM 8K
- 7-segment LCD display
- two low-power RS232 interfaces
- RS485
- two universal analog inputs (Pt100 RTD / 500/1000, NTC, resistive bridge or ratiometric sensor...)
- two digital inputs
- two optically isolated digital output
- two analog inputs 4 ... 20 mA
- 3.6V battery
- additional optional supply 5 ... 27 V
- backup super capacitor 0.33F

A first application of this circuit is a gas volume corrector (PTZ Volume Corrector).
Other applications are:
- Flow Computer (gases, steam, water, heat metering...),
- data logger,
- telemetry,
- small automation.





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