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Hello, I am new to this forum. I apologize for my username! It seemed no usernames I typed were accepted no matter how I varied and interspersed numbers. Well I typed in numbers and hit return and there I was registered with that username.

Anyway, I just rcvd my Tiva EK-TM4C1294XL Launchpad yesterday.

The ti.exosite.com demo worked just fine over ethernet.

Then I downloaded energia. Long story made short is I seem to be getting a timeout when uploading any example. The upload seems to take a long time then gives me the error "an error occurred when uploading the sketch"

I reinstalled the drivers from the Stellaris zip file. The drivers went from version 2.0.9270.0 (which installed automatically) to 2.0.7920.0 from the zip file download. This made no difference. I unplugged the ethernet and tried resetting the board...no difference. My board type shows properly "Launchpad (TIVA C) w/TM4C129 (120MHz)" w COM4 on my computer. Dev Mngr shows all three drivers installed properly. All jumpers seem to be set properly. So I am looking forward to programming on this device. Looks like I will punt and re-download energia again. Perhaps try a new USB cable as suggested.

Any ideas will be appreciated. The verbose output file is attached.

Thank you for any help. I look forward to participating on this forum as I gain experience.

Energia upload error log.txt

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