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using Wire.setModule() with a value greater than 3 will "soft-brick" the board

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* LaunchPad board name and version: `EK-TM4C1294XL`

* Energia IDE version (found in Energia > About Energia menu): `1.6.10E18`

* Board package version (found in Tools > Boards > Boards Manager menu): `1.0.2`

* OS name and version: `Windows 10 Pro`




I am expecting the ability to use all of the i2c modules on the TM4C1294, but when I enter a Wire.setModule(n) greater than 3 the board becomes unresponsive. I can then no longer program any other sketches onto the board until I run the LM Flash Tool debug port unlock.


Wire.setModule(0) thru 3 do not cause this problem.



steps to reproduce the problem:


  Setup a program to blink an led.  Use wire.setModule(0) & wire.Begin and the program will run as expected. Change wire.setModule to 4 or higher to break it.


note: you'll need lm flash tool and run the debug port unlock in order to program the launchpad again after breaking it.

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