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Telemetry for embedded systems

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Hi EveryBody!


I came across three software libraries on github that I thought I would share:

  1. pytelemetry
  2. telemetry
  3. pytelemetrycli


pytelemetry provides high-level communication with any embedded device for remote control and monitoring. Specifically, pytelemetry implements a custom communication protocol, based on the PubSub (Publish/Subscribe) messaging pattern.
telemetry is the C implementation of the protocol. It can run on any embedded system, along with official distributions for Arduino and ARM Mbed.
pytelemetrycli is a powerful command line interface to interact with embedded devices using the protocol. It enables instant data visualization of any received data, full logging of communications, health monitoring of the serial port and much more.
It looks like the libraries have been developed for the mbed and the arduino so far.
I've got these on my "to play with" bucket list.
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Thanks, wat was your criteria for singling out these libraries/protocols? There are a gazillion protocols and software tools that could be used for remote communication, ranging from very simple to very complex, form propitiatory/manufacturer specific to modbus, mqtt and IEC 60870-5. An xkcd cartoon would be appropriate.

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I don't have any specific reason for singling out this repository.


A long time ago, in another job, I was writing C code for the Z80. The micro had to talk with the on-board metering system of a gigantic mining truck. The protocol used was called PLM2. It has since upgraded to PLM3. It turns out that it is too complex of a protocol for my tinkering.


So, I went on the hunt for source code examples which demonstrated packetized communication between the PC and a micro. Specifically, I was hunting for source code examples in python that showed me how to work with structures of packets.


Eventually, I would like to have a PC program that creates a SCADA like interface to my micro projects. I want to issue commands to the micro and receive back lots of data.  It seemed to me that this pytelemetry was a convenient example to consider.


Do you have other source code examples that you would like to share with us?


I was on the hunt for source code examples which demonstrated packetized communication between the PC and a micro. 

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