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Finally putting my code here in .txt file

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Hello all

After everyones suggestions i am putting my code here which is a menu system works to configure totaliser to set its unit time base for primary display

Also shows rtc. I am using msp430f5529 and 4 key keypad without tactile feedback

Thanks to fmilburn for help

I am trying to make this interrupt enable for last 2 days but got unsuccessful

1.1stly i tired to put task what each key perform as interrupt but it got fail.

2.i tired just to turn the flag high which so that i can enter menu that got partially failed

Can any one suggest me any way to make my keys interrupt enable

1. Menu key/ right left scroll key

2. Increment key

3. Enter kry

4. Escape key

As written in this code all the keys are working perfect without interrupts.

I will put my code in next comment

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You can post your code directly into your post by first selecting the "More Reply Options" button at the lower right hand corner of the post reply window. Then click on the icon represented by the less than / greater than symbols  < >


A window will then pop up that you can paste your code into. It will take care of the formatting (indenting, etc) so the code is readable.

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You appear to have taken on a project which is beyond your current capabilities.  If you are a student, consider going to your professor/instructor for help or getting a simpler project.  There are too many problems with your code as it stands to offer help in this forum - at least for me to offer help.

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