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Project: breadboard w/o wires

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Hi. I'm new to 43oh. My team is building a platform for the breadboard for software developers. It allows you to configure prototypes without wires or other components.


  1. Connect the controller board to your breadboard and PC.
  2. Connect channels to IO pins in the user interface.

The user interface will interact with the hardware and implement your configuration on a breadboard via a programmable switch matrix, thereby replacing wires.

Then, if you want the user interface to interact with the ADC onboard the controller board:

  1. Connect the GPIO channel to the ADC channel on the same IO pin.
  2. Set the ADC channel on.

Then you can analyse the signal, as shown here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtL6YwalWnk

There is also an interface on the controller board for custom shields, which can replace other components, such as higher precision ADC, a DAC, a MIDI controller, an SoC, wifi adapter or an FPGA. This feature is still in development.

Tell what you think about this tool kit.

You can follow this project at https://hackaday.io/project/18755-the-metaboard to get updated as we prepare for a crowdfunded manufacturing run.

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