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How can I interface MSP432 with 2x16 LCD

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Hello fellows,

I made a code to interact the MSP430, with the LCD, but now I would like to have it interact with the MSP432.

And I'm having some problems because I want to use specific pins, can anyone help me change the code?

My difficulty is: the MSP430 I use PORT P1 and P2, the problem is in the MSP432 I need PORT P2, P5 and P6

This is my connections LCD->MSP432:

 EN -> (P2 + BIT3)
 RS -> (P6 + BIT7)

 D4  -> (P2 + BIT6)
 D5  -> (P2 + BIT4)
 D6  -> (P5 + BIT6)

 D7  ->(P6 + BIT6)





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