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I have been trying to make the SimpleWebServerWifi example in Energia to work for the past few days. The program is able to compile and upload to the board no problem and I have the most current servicepack installed on the MCU and have the most current Energia IDE installed.


The problem I am having is the MCU gets stuck at the line "Wifi.beign(ssid, password)". I have tried connecting to my home router, my phone's hotspot, and also I made my phone's hotspot identical to the example settings so I did not have to change anything in the example to reduce mistakes. (Please find attached the settings I used for the hotspot). When I first go the MCU about a year ago it worked out of the box and I got the Lab0 to work and also wlanstation to work in Code Composer Studio.


If anyone has any suggestions on what else I could try they would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance,




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Hi @@SheldonMaciel,


I don't have a working CC3200, but I do have a CC3100.  I tried it just now with a F5529 using Energia V18 and the SimpleWebServerWifi example - it worked fine.  You can try the following:

  • make sure the jumper is in place as shown on the pin map for Energia
  • revert back to the former version of Energia and/or CCS and try what worked before
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Which service pack did you install? It might be the service pack that you installed that is causing the issue. Knowing the version you installed will help me in an attempt to reproduce this.


I just now did a quick test with service pack and the SimpleWebServerWifi example works as expected.


When you say "stuck at the line "Wifi.beign(ssid, password)" does it print dots in the Serial monitor at all?

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