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Query about internal rtc and writing integers to flash in msp430f5529

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Hello all

I just joined this forum. I am working on aa product which requires rtc time stamp and flash to store some variables

Can anybody provide me some libraries related to internal rtc of msp430f5529 and how to write integers to msp flash

Also if anyone can provide me library to write anything flash like integers characters etc

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I seem to remember someone posting a RTC example for the F5529 in Energia on 43oh a while back.  In any event, as Terje says, the F5529 has a RTC module and there is driverlib support which can also be included in Energia.  See these examples, one of which has the RTC module:  https://github.com/fmilburn3/MSP430F5529_driverlib_examples


The advantage of an external clock like the one Terje linked to is that they have a coin cell.  Arduino code is usually easily ported.  For that matter, MSP430 code like that linked by chicken is pretty easy to port between variants.

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