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Netiquette for Newbies

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I'm being tired of reading posts by newbies that do not respect the most basic elements of the netiquette.


Some examples:

  • No previous search.
  • Questions posted when answers are already available.
  • Topics posted twice or thrice.
  • Rude comments.
  • Topics in capital letters.
  • Twitter-style acronyms instead of fully spelled words.
  • Personal messages duplicating threads. 

So the question is:

  • How to welcome newbies and keep the 43oh a nice place for everyone?

I know netiquette deals with most of these issues. How to make newbies aware of it and enforce it?

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I agree.  Maybe upon issuing a userid there is a notice directing them to a post about netiquette.  In addition, many of them don't know how to provide the basic information needed to get a meaningful response to their questions.


Thanks @@Rei Vilo and @@Fmilburn,


I can add that in, but it really does not make much of a difference. People will dump their questions, hope for an answer and then leave.


There is already a sticky on the Energia forums asking for these very specific details. 


I'll take a few steps to request people for more information when they post questions.

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There is already a sticky on the Energia forums asking for these very specific details

I suppose this is asking for quite a bit  :rolleyes: .  But for those who really are interested in learning and getting a response to questions the following is a good link that also applies here:  https://e2e.ti.com/group/helpcentral/b/weblog/archive/2015/07/17/5-tips-for-getting-quick-help-on-e2e


It might be this can only be accessed if you are a member of e2e - not sure.

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Another idea from another forum:

When a visitor is typing her question in, the forum scans it and shows answers. Basically, the forum goes through the question, extracts the keywords and performs a search based on them.

The underlying software is used in many forums.

Please find attached an example with a basic question on the RedBear forum.


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