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CC3200 MQTT client takes 28 sec to connect.

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I am using MQTT client on CC3200 with Energia.

When CC3200 is connected to wifi router and there is Internet connection on the router, I received data on  MQTT and there was no delay in connection of either tcp or mqtt client.
This case is valid only when CC3200 is connected to the router but there is no Internet on it. Now the issue is that as cc3200 is connected to the router with no Internet, it will try again and again to establish MQTT connection. But when it tries to establish tcp client connection it takes 28 seconds and when return code from tcp arrives only then the rest of the code resumes to work. It hangs in that part. Is there any way to reduce this time by changing any parameter in the library?
I found one constructor in MQTTclient.h library.
Client(Network& network, unsigned int command_timeout_ms =30000);
I changed the command timeout value by different ones but no change was observed. It was still taking 28 seconds. After that tcp return code came as 0 which indicated that tcp connection was not made. I would like to ask that is there any way to reduce this time. Like can the time it is waiting for return code be changed.Can it be made less?
Please reply asap.
Waiting for your guidance robertinant@yahoo.com.

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