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I'm trying to use a cc1310 with a pressure sensor (BMP280) using the hardware port. I check at address 0xD0 for the chip ID (0x58) and this works but beyond this point there is no further SPI activity although I need to set up the filters and over-sampling etc. It's looking like I'll have to switch to CCS, but before I do, has anyone had this same problem and found a solution?

BTW, this same sketch works fine with cc3200 (not emt) and the 430FR5969 which suggests a multi-tasking connection.



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I was using 'SPI.end()' at the end of each read or write method/subroutine but I had noticed on the 5969 and the cc3200 that I had to re-declare the mode, speed and bit order. 

In the case of the 1310, I initially solved the problem by re-starting the bus with SPI.begin(), but simply excluding all references to SPI.end() is better.


Thank-you for your response. It just goes to show you should sleep on a problem first before posting.

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