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Set PinMode on 2 pins simultaneously

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I'm writing my own i2c library and need to be able to simultaneously change PinMode on 2 pins.  One for SCL and one for SDA.  Is there a way to change PinMode on 2 pins simultaneously?


I want the behavior of the follwing:





without the 2.5microsecond delay between the 2 calls above.

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I've been following your bit-bang I2C efforts.

If you are making a custom version, perhaps using direct port I/O would be useful?


As follows:


P1DIR |= BIT7 + BIT6;       // make these outputs

P1OUT |= BIT7 + BIT6;     // make them simultaneously go hi

P1OUT &= ~(BIT7+BIT6);  //  ditto, but go low


The only thing is that it departs from energia statements.


I suspect you must have a scope / logic analyser or you wouldn't have known / measured the delay between the two PinMode statements you tried? 


Is this OK for your app?



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