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SKIDL - Use Python to create your circuit

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I just stumbled upon a program called SKiDL.


Never use a lousy schematic editor again! SKiDL is a simple module that lets you describe electronic circuits using Python. The resulting Python program outputs a netlist that a PCB layout tool uses to create a finished circuit board.

The author then uses KiCAD to massage the netlist information to complete the PCB layout.
I can't say that I will be using this myself but I admit that it's a novel new way of creating circuits.

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Wow, netlists - there is a flashback to the old days. Then you would create netlists manually, and use a PCB layout tool to create the circuit board layout.

In the years that has passed it seems like focus has been on WYSIWYG tools that hide the netlist from the user.

And now it seems we have come full circle again.

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