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BlynkSimpleTI_CC3200_LaunchXL.h: No such file or directory

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Hello All


I have recently purchased TI CC3200 Launchpad. 

I am trying following project : 



I am getting error at code verification :


fatal error: BlynkSimpleTI_CC3200_LaunchXL.h: No such file or directory
 #include <BlynkSimpleTI_CC3200_LaunchXL.h>
compilation terminated.
I have installed libraries in Energia/libraries folder under documents folder as well as copied under installation directory/energia-0101E0017\hardware\cc3200.
Also I can not find "BlynkSimpleTI_CC3200_LaunchXL.h" file in Blynk libraries folder.
I have tried with Energia 17 & 18. 
Please help me in this regard.
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I also often have problems with libraries in Energia where the compiler says 'No such file or directory' while the library is clearly installed correctly. In at least one instance I was able to fix this, perhaps this works for you as well:


When the  "#include <BlynkSimpleTI_CC3200_LaunchXL.h>" statement is in a header file but only the accompanying .cpp file is referencing anything in the Blynk library then you could try to move the #include to the .cpp instead.

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I downloaded the blynk library from the blynk website at:




I also followed the install instructions provided by blynk.

All you have to do is select the add .zip library in energia. Then select the blynk zip file from your computer. After that, the library should be installed and blynk should work.


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I just realized why your code is not working. The project you are trying to replicate from hackster.io is using an outdated version of the blynk library.



#include <BlynkSimpleTI_CC3200_LaunchXL.h>"



" #include <BlynkSimpleEnergiaWiFi.h>" 


in your code and it should work. I hope this helps.

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Hii... I am trying to compile the .INO file in Energia foe ArduCAM_CC3200_UNO borad and getting C:\Users\DriveZero\Desktop\ArduCAM_MT9D111_Camera_Playback\ArduCAM_MT9D111_Camera_Playback.ino:29:21: fatal error: ArduCAM.h: No such file or directory

#include <ArduCAM.h>


compilation terminated.

exit status 1 Error compiling for board ArduCAM UNO w/ CC3200 (80MHz).

please help me with this.

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