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Library DNP3 to MSP430

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This solution is in atmelstudio and i'am trying to compile that to an arduino uno but without success.

You are referring to an issue around Atmel microcontrollers on a Texas Instruments oriented site so it is very unlikely you will get a satisfactory response to your question.   Anyway, you will not get something written for an ARM processor using direct register access to compile on a 8 bit processor like the Uno.  Nor will it compile on a MSP430.  And it is unlikely that anyone has ported this to Arduino/Energia but the best persons to ask would be the authors of the firmware.

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Definitely looks like a complex undertaking. But those are the best learning opportunities. :)


You will have to get an understanding about the overall architecture of OpenDNP. As @@Fmilburn suggested, contacting the owner or main contributors of the Github repository is probably your best bet when stuck on that topic. This includes getting their implementation to build. If the AVR implementation is working, there's a good chance that the FR6989 has sufficient resources.


The "embedded" link includes "adapter" sub-folders, which look like platform specific code for AtmelAVR and AtmelDue (probably referring to the boards, not the whole Arduino programming framework). I think the files in there are a good indication for what needs to be re-implemented for a new platform like MSP430. On a quick glance, the code doesn't look too extensive, which is encouraging.


Also check whether they make use of Atmel libraries in the code that's not platform specific.

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