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MSP 430 and ADXL345 accelerometer

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Howdy everyone,


Finally getting back to the microcontrollers.


I have been trying to get the MSP and ADXL to work together.




I have been using this code and the ADXL from Adafruit they already has the pull up resistors on the board. From Adafruit example they are only using SDA and SCL and the 3v power.


The red LED is only supposed to be on if the sensor is in certain positions. But it's on all the time. And I can not get anything to come up on the terminal screen even though it says connected.


Has anybody else built one of these?


Any where to start with the terminal connectivity or seeing if the sensor is functioning? I tried connecting SCL and SDA to my logic analyzer, both just show high but no signal.




Merry Christmas to yall!




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I am using CCS6


I am going to back to LAB 8 the UART lab to see if there is something mad with my launchpad or the terminal itself.  What I dont get is the fact that I cant see any signals coming from the sensor at all.  I figured I would see some data with the logic analyzer connected to it. 

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